Your Leadership Legacy

We bet you didn’t volunteer to be a leader so you could spend hours in meetings going over the smallest event details imaginable (what color are the  napkins/what food should we order?).  Have you ever left a meeting wondering “What did we actually accomplish?” or “Why was I here?“? If you answered yes, you are dealing with an issue that many associations have been plagued with in the past.

 Your leadership is sabotaged by minute administrative details that distract board members from more important tasks.

Board members and nonprofit leaders should use their time talent and treasurers to forward the goals and vision of their organization. 

 We are here to handle the details (bookkeeping, filing, staffing, paperwork and more) so you can enjoy your volunteer experience and actually lead.

Nonprofit & Association Support

We’re here to take care of the details for you.

Associations, like small businesses, are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

This board makes decisions about hiring an executive, how to spend the association’s money and provides a vision for the organization. Its goals may be to promote a cause or provide professional continuing education. They don’t want to spend their time keeping books, answering emails or planning meetings.

Associations or nonprofits can choose to contract with companies called Association Management Companies (AMC), like Spire Management, to support the board with clerical work, nonprofit guidance and event planning to manage administrative details and finances so board members can concentrate on larger issues.

Event Coordination & Fundraising

Are your fundraisers raising funds? Are you able to enjoy your own events?

Poorly planned and executed events lose money by over-ordering food, insufficient marketing or lack of negotiating ability with venues. Burned-out event volunteers struggle with cost containment and often can’t wait for the event to be over.  

Good planning is the key to a successful event – an experienced event planner makes a difference

Expert event planning involves planning and budgeting, marketing, location selection, banquet and event coordination, creating a “play-by-play” and podium script, developing themes/decorations, coordinating an online registration process, arranging for continuing education credits and more.

Continuing Education

Let’s get serious about continuing education. It’s important.

Your members may need CE. To accomodate this demand, you need to book qualified speakers, get a proper program outline, have it approved by your governing bodies and check people in and out of the classes. This is a time-consuming, difficult process that is often executed poorly.

You can’t be sloppy or you might lose your ability to offer CE.

We take care of your CE Program.

Even more, your board members will appreciate quality meeting facilitation and leadership training services. This can build stronger, more satisfied board members. They will want to stay on your board.

Executive Search Service

Nonprofits often have difficulty finding nonprofit leaders with fundraising and board management credentials that fit the culture and needs of the organization.

Searching for qualified candidates takes time and can cost a lot of money; not to mention taking away time from your leadership duties. Let Spire handle this responsibility.

Spire can provide search services for nonprofits looking for Executive Directors or Development Directors. We will provide the entrants and the board members can pick the best candidates for the job.