Spire Management Executive Search Services

In 2015, Spire Management partnered with  WVDO (Willamette Valley Development Officers) to provide for the Executive Search Services (ESS) in the Mid to South Willamette Valley (Salem, Albany, and Corvallis). Spire will provide search services for nonprofits looking for Executive Directors or Development Directors.

Nonprofits often have difficulty finding nonprofit leaders with fundraising and board management credentials that fit the culture and needs of the organization. Board members are busy volunteers who usually don’t have the time or human resource experience to conduct thorough searches for candidates. A bad match is not only costly in time, but in precious nonprofit resources and reputation.

ESS’ searches are done through a well-constructed, well-tested, confidential and neutral process. Searches are performed to the client’s specifications and can attract nationwide interest in a position in your organization. It also alerts people who may be ready to move positions or relocate.

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Along with Spire’s sister company, VanNatta Public Relations, we have been providing management and development services to associations since 1968. Services through Spire Management are managed by Mary Louise VanNatta, CAE. Searches are confidential and conducted by consultants under contract with WVDO/Spire. Consultants are required to have 10+ years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising and leadership, 5+ years in staff management, and 3+ years of direct consulting. This combined experience allows the consultant to view your organization from the perspective of an employee and an outside consultant gives them unique opportunities to assess the culture and need of your specific organization.